Researchers´ Night

What actually is a researcher? The purpose of Researcher’s Night is to show children and young people that researchers are quite common people with unusually exciting work.

The last Friday of September, Researcher’s Night is celebrated every year in Europe to show how fascinating, important and fun research is. Come and be inspired by shows, demonstrations, competitions and some of the best scientists in the country.

During Researcher’s Night Stockholm you will see and hear a wide range of exciting research presentations, shows, dialogues and a cool exhibition with lots of hands-on experiments. The event mainly invites pupils in grade 9 and upper secondary school, but it is also open to the public. ForskarFredag Stockholm is mainly in AlbaNova University Centre, but also in other places in the city.

Vetenskapens Hus is the main organiser of the Stockholm event. Co-organisers are KTH, Stockholm University, Karolinska Institutet, and Stockholm City. The national coordinator for Researcher’s Night is Vetenskap & Allmänhet.


Project Management: Marcus Angelin, tel 08-790 98 18

Communication: Elin Ottergren, tel 08-790 98 45