Pi Day

During Pi Day, the House of Science offers activities for pupils in 7-9 and upper secondary school. The activities are hosted in the House of Science and in the neighbouring building, AlbaNova University Centre.

Try mathematics programs, take popular science talks, join the maths club, get help from a Mattecoach, experience a mathematical exhibition, solve maths, compete in maths, and meet maths scientists.

On the 14th of March, Pi Day is celebrated worldwide - not least in schools. The number π is usually approximated to 3.14 and in the United States, which has influence picking this day, as Americans write the date in the form 3/14. Therefore, March 14th was chosen to pay tribute to the number π. Many mathematicians have fun celebrating, eating pizza and pie (the English pie is pronounced in the same way as π).

The House of Science has organised activities during Pi-day since 2014 for pupils in compulsory school and upper secondary school.

Discover interesting and different mathematics through popular science lectures, mathematics programs, test-activities, competitions and information about mathematics education in Stockholm.

The purpose of Pi Day is to show interesting and different mathematics as well as inform about mathematics education in Stockholm. The event is organised by Vetenskapens Hus in collaboration with KTH, Stockholm University, Stockholm Mathematics Centre and Mattecoach online.


Elin Ottergren, matematik@vetenskapenshus.se