Edutainment Day

Over a few days in autumn, Gröna Lund opens up for booked pupil groups with their teachers to experience the physics, technology and mathematics of 16 of the attractions in the capital's entertainment area. Pupils will then measure, observe, count and explore scientific principles - right outside the classroom! Read more about the Edutainment Days on Gröna Lund Web.

For teachers

We organise a teaching day in June at Gröna Lund for preparatory purposes, where teachers will have the opportunity to try and discuss the attractions and tasks the pupils will meet during the Edutainment Days in autumn.

For pupils

Pupils are invited together with their secondary and upper-secondary schools teachers to experiment and discuss the physics, technology and mathematics behind the attractions on the amusement field.


Edutainment Days are organised by Gröna Lund, National Resource Centre for Physics and Vetenskapens Hus.

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