Safety and comfort

To get the most out of your visit with us, we have common rules to ensure everyone’s safety and comfort. If you book a pupil group or your child on our activities, it is important that you as a responsible person acknowledge these rules and explain them to the person(s) attending Vetenskapens Hus.

NOTE! The environment in the laboratories at AlbaNova University Center and the environment in the Bergian garden are different. Therefore, read the rules below that apply to the area you are going to visit.

Appearance at pupil group visits

We provide classes from 9:00 - 17:00 and a visit usually takes 1 - 1.5 hours. There are school programs that are conducted as half a class (max 16 pupils). If you wish to include a full class (max 32 pupils) in such a school program, you can book two school programs for the same visit. The class is then divided into two groups and we provide two parallel programs. There are also school programs that are conducted in a full class (max 32 pupils).

Tip! Include fruit when visiting for a long period or in the afternoon.

The role of the teacher during the visit

It is important that pupils are prepared to work actively when they come to us. You as a teacher are responsible for keeping track of the group during the visit. Then we can easily reach our goal, to show pupils that science, mathematics and technology are something we all can be fascinated by and benefit greatly from.

If your pupil group has any special requirements that our visiting supervisors should be aware of when implementing school programs, please notify when you submit your booking request.

In younger groups, it may be appropriate to have at least two accompanying adults.

Meeting between students and pupils

A visit to Vetenskapens Hus involves a meeting with students from KTH or Stockholm University and sometimes, researchers. Our visiting supervisors introduce the topic you chose and then you are in the laboratory or excursion. The university students also provide answers to questions about what it is like to be a university student and what future dreams a natural scientist, engineer or mathematician may have.

Sociala Medier

Please do not use mobile phones as they interfere with ongoing teaching. It's good to take pictures in our premises before and after the booked activity. If you share pictures or other posts on social media, you may want to tag them with #vetenskapenshus. Remember to always ask people before you take a picture of them!


Your views are important to us. After or during the visit, we are therefore grateful if you, who are the accompanying teacher, would fill out a quick survey. Any other form of feedback is also very welcome!

Activities in Vetenskapens Hus at AlbaNova

The environment

The university environment at AlbaNova, where Vetenskapens Hus´ laboratories are located, is filled with students and researchers from KTH and Stockholm University. It is an exciting environment to experience. We wish our visitors to respect that this is a large open workplace, and to be aware that many people share the space.

Safety in the laboratory

The activities of Vetenskapens Hus (at AlbaNova) are largely carried out in fully-equipped research laboratories, so it is extremely important to take into account our safety practices. Inform your visiting supervisor if something happens on the premises.

Packed lunch

There are often many pupils visiting at the same time, so if you plan to eat a packed lunch, show your visiting supervisors where you are sitting to eat. If the weather and space availability allow, we have an outdoor dining area. The lunch restaurant and dining areas are also available in the adjacent building to AlbaNova. NOTE! It is not permitted to consume food and drink in our labs.

Directions to the House of Science at AlbaNova

Activities in Naturens Hus at the Bergian Garden

The environment

Visiting the Bergian garden can be compared to a visit to a museum. So, it's important to keep in mind that you cannot take anything or pick flowers or anything else that you find. On the other hand, you are welcome to watch, smell, photograph and enjoy all the beauty and excitement!



If you have pupils who have pollen allergies, then you should ensure that you take appropriate medicines. The pollen can be found both outdoors and in the greenhouse. In Edvard Anderson's greenhouse there is an olive tree whose pollen can cause allergic reaction. You can check pollen at pollenkoll for outdoor activities.

Food allergy

With some visits to Naturens Hus we offer small taste tests. For Christmas it may be gingerbread and for other activities a little piece of candy. If you have one or more pupils who have severe food allergy (for example, unable to stay in the same area as peanuts), please let us know in advance.


Outside the Bergian garden and in the greenhouse, there are a lot of different plants, some are poisonous. It is important that the pupils respect the rules not to touch the plants.

Open water

Some activities in Naturens Hus are spent close to open water areas. To minimize the risk of someone's life being threatened, visitors need to listen and not run away from our supervisors.

Wittrocks tower (the yellow tower)

DIt's not ok to climb the stairs / mount where the tower is standing. The main reason is not to disturb those who live there. Additionally, the tower is full of steep slippery rock walls that the children are at risk of falling from.

The main purpose of these prompts is that you will have as much time as possible with us without misfortune.

Think of the right attire!

We have activities both indoors, outdoors in Bergianska's garden and in the Bergianska garden's two greenhouses (Victoria House and Edvard Anderson’s greenhouse). Depending on what activities you are doing ensure you bring appropriate clothes. If you are going to be outdoors, we recommend that you wear clothes suitable for the weather.

Packed lunch

In most cases, you should expect to eat packed lunches outside. We have few rooms that are usually reserved for our teaching. If you have booked and confirmed that you are going to eat a packed lunch inside, then of course this is okay. For those who eat indoors: we appreciate that you exclude highly allergic products such as peanuts and the like. Whether you are eating packed lunches inside or outside, you clean up after yourself.

Directions to Naturens Hus at the Bergian garden.