We challenge young people to explore the world

We offer school programs for pupils, teacher education for teachers as well as a host of other events for schools and the public with different themes in biology, physics, chemistry, mathematics and technology. Our five subject groups also offer the opportunity to do upper secondary school work in our laboratories with some guidance.

We compliment, inspire and support school education through our activities in science, mathematics and technology for pupils and teachers. Our range for the school follows current governing documents. We work closely with school, teacher education and universities, among other things our Scientific Council (Vetenskapliga råd).

Green biology in the House of Nature in Bergian garden

We offer supervised activities in tropical heat in the greenhouse as well as in the pond with gigantic spider lilies. Take part in our school programs in green biology.

You and your pupils can also borrow equipment and on their own give you out at Nationalstadsparken through the project "Pedagogy in Nationalstadsparken ", which is a collaboration with the County Administrative Board in Stockholm.

White biology in our laboratories at AlbaNova

Meet the white biology in well-equipped laboratories at AlbaNova University Centre. Take part in our school programs in white biology.