Sponsors and collaborations

Vetenskapens Hus is owned by KTH and Stockholm University and has a number of partners. Our largest partner and external financier is the City of Stockholm.

Collaboration with businesses and organisations

Vetenskapens Hus wants, through active collaboration with industry and organisations, to provide visitors with a picture of what opportunities wait in the profession after completing an education in science and technology. Business partners contribute to our company exhibition and some experiments to increase interest in science and technology.

Support Vetenskapens Hus

Your company or organisation can provide direct support to the House of Science. Contact Director Marcus Angelin directly, 08-790 98 18@email.

Provide support through KTH

Through the KTH Advisory Committee on Fundraising, you can support the business. Read more about how to contact KTH fundraising.

Provide support through Stockholm University

Through Stockholm University you can support the business. Read more about how to provide support to us through Stockholm University.

Become a business partner and be a part of Vetenskapens Hus

Our sponsors

Vetenskapens Hus wishes, through active collaboration with industry, to provide visitors with a picture of what opportunities await professional life after completion of education in technology, mathematics and natural sciences. Business partners can be seen in our company exhibition and in some experiments. Through economic support, they help to increase interest in science and technology.

Support from companies and organisations

We collaborate today with AstraZenecaScania and FLIR specifically sonsor "Sommarkurs för tjejer". You are welcome to give your support.

Our two biggest sponsors

AstraZeneca is one of the world's leading pharmaceutical companies. Their success is based on a commitment to new ideas - ideas inspired by life and which can help create values for our stakeholders.

Scania aims to provide its customers with the best profitability over the product life cycle by delivering optimized heavy trucks and buses, engines and services, thereby being the leading company in the industry.

Meet 70,000 young people a year

By cooperating as a business partner in the House of Science, you help to make more young people interested in science and technology. With common goals, we show youth education paths and career opportunities to find exciting occupational goals. Inspiring 70,000 young people a year and participating in many outgoing projects in the city provides a great opportunity to showcase future career choices in the industry.

Become a sponsor / business partner - we are always looking for new ones

We are discussing the forms of cooperation. We will be happy to help you - or maybe even better - to come to us for closer presentation and discussion! Welcome to sign up with us 2023.

Contact and more information

Director Marcus Angelin, 08-790 98 18@email.