Field of work Position Email Telephone
Chief executive Director Cecilia Kozma 08-790 98 15
  Assistant Director Marcus Angelin  
Administration Coordinator Helena Edin  
Marketing/Com. Manager Elisabet Bergknut  
  Communicator Elin Ottergren  
Biology Educational Developer Ann Franzén  
  Educational Developer Charlotte Flodin  
Chemistry Educational Developer Anders Blomqvist  
  Educational Developer Marcus Angelin  
  Educational Developer Marie Danielsson  
Mathematics Educational Developer Elin Ottergren  
  Educational Developer Freddy Grip  
Physics Educational Developer Tanja Nymark  
  Educational Developer Stefan Åminneborg  
  Educational Developer Henrik Åkerstedt  
Technology Educational Developer Freddy Grip  
  Educational Developer Annica Hofberg  
  Educational Developer Erik Wetterskog  
  Educational Developer Christofer Andersson  
IT & Maintenance Technician, IT Support Magnus Frölid  
  IT Developer Jonatan Pipping  
  Laboratory Support Sven-Gunnar Hjort  
Project   Johan Lundberg  
    Eva Erixon Carlqvist  
  Teknikåttan Tanja Nymark  


Maria Andrée, Associate Professor, Department of Mathematics and Science Education
Stockholm University

Per Berglund, Vice Dean
KTH, Stockholm

Anders Forsberg, Scania Academy
Scania CV AB Scania AB, Södertälje

Per Einarsson, Head of production Sweden
AstraZeneca, Södertälje

Cecilia Kozma, PT Director Vetenskapens Hus
Vetenskapens Hus AlbaNova, Stockholm

Peter Lyth, gymnasiechef
City of Stockholm

Stefan Nordlund, Professor Biotechnology, Chairman
Stockholm University

Arnold Pears, Professor
KTH, Stockholm

Gunnar Wohlin, grundskolechef
City of Stockholm


If you have booked one of our school programs you will be met by a student from KTH or Stockholm University. Their job parallel with their university studies is to supervise lab activities and make sure that you and your team have a productive time throughout the visit. 


We also collaborate with teachers and school educators, university researchers, and representatives from companies and other partners.