Are you a student and do you want to teach?

In Vetenskapens Hus you can work extra as a tutor and convey exciting science, mathematics and technology to interested young people.

  • Do you study astronomy, biotechnology, environment, meteorlogy or mathematics?
  • Are you interested in young people?
  • Do you enjoy teaching?
  • Do you want to get educational experience?

In Vetenskapens Hus we offer you this. We need tutors who lead groups. Are you interested?


Send us an e-mail and describe your self or give us a call, 08-790 98 22, Monday-Thursday, 8-17.

Subject Responsible E-mail
Biology (Naturens Hus) Ann Franzén @email
Physics Tanja Nymark @email

Chemistry &
Molecular Biology

Anders blomqvist @email
Mathematics Elin Ottergren @email
Technology Annica Hofberg @email