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Weekend classes 6-12 years

The main course in science and technology for 6-12-year olds aims to teach children / young people to ask questions, to have fun with technology and science, and to meet advanced experiments. The participants are taught by university students from KTH and Stockholm University, who we think are exciting role models.

The course is held at the House of Science at AlbaNova/KTH in Stockholm 6 times every weekend, and each group is two hours with a break for fika in the middle. We divide the course participants into groups by age. We would like that parents do not take part in the labs so that the children / young people and students can create their own relationships and work in a calm environment.

Upon admission, participants are placed in a morning group (10-12pm) or afternoon group (13-15pm), which is given on either Saturday or Sunday. In your interest report you indicate which day and time suits you best.

Cost: The cost of the course is SEK 1,950 per child / youth, juice and bun are included in the price. The participants are allowed to take home what is produced in the course.

Application: see the Swedish page.

Terms of booking

Your booking is binding, and any cancellation will be made in writing as soon as possible. If cancelled later than one week before the start of the course, or absence from course, full course fee will be charged. The House of Science will always refund if you cancel in accordance with the current cancellation policy, or if your child becomes ill for a long time and with medical certificates can prove that they cannot attend the course. In case of short-term illness, and other causes that cause your child to miss a few occasions, no refund is made.

Rules for safety and comfort

NOTE! The environment in the laboratories at AlbaNova and the environment in the Bergian garden are different. Therefore, read the rules below that apply to the area you are going to visit.


General questions (for example, notification): @email

Responsible: Christofer Andersson