Climate Festival

Change your focus to a brighter, more effective horizon along with your pupils at the Climate Festival in May.

Today, we are a large population living with climate change and the climate issue needs to be taken seriously. As the future is often painted in dark colours, we are at risk of reporting and observing, instead of actively contributing to change.

Photo: Martin Jakobsson

For pupil groups

Together with climate researchers from the Bolin Centre, you can learn more about how our climate works and be inspired by all that is being done to handle global warming as a teacher with your pupils. During the Climate Festival in May we offer activity examples, lectures and exhibitions.

For teachers

We also want to support you as a teacher by shifting the focus to a brighter, more effective horizon where we can better understand climate change and what solutions are available. At the Bolt Centre for Climate Research, which includes KTH, Stockholm University and SMHI, there are combined climate skills from several disciplines. This knowledge bank will be available in conjunction with the Climate Festival in May through a full day of training for you as a teacher.


The Climate Festival is organised by the Centre for Climate Research, Stockholm University and Vetenskapens Hus, supported by KTH, SMHI and Stockholm City.

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