Teachers in a training course in biology

Training courses

We provide training courses with a focus in biology, physics, chemistry, mathematics and technology for compulsory and upper secondary school. We link research and subject matter through short lectures and practical experiments.

Training courses with set dates

We offer a number of training courses for teachers and educators with set dates. These you can register directly through our forms. The link can be found next to each training course.


Is your school a partner? If so, the education is free. Check if your school has an agreement. Others pay by invoice. Read more about prices and terms.

Food and drinks

For each course, we specify what is included; coffee / tea, cakes, sandwish, lunch etc.

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Training courses to order

We offer training courses that you and your colleagues can order. Propose a time via the forms next to each training course. We are happy to discuss the design and content with you. An ordered training course requires at least 8 participants for it to be implemented. Make an interest report to any of our order promotions or request your own theme.


Is your school a partner? If so, the education is free. See if your school has an agreement. If your school does not have an agreement with us, you are welcome to contact us via vh@vetenskapenshus.se for pricing. Read more about prices and terms.

Food and drinks

Food and drinks is not included. We can help you with ordering coffee / tea, cakes, sandwishes. The cost is charged to the school. Lunch you can have at the Lunch Restaurant Entré in AlbaNova's main building or the like.

Blomsterjakt och växtbingo lärare åk 1-3
Blue Bots för de yngsta lärare åk F-3
Blue Bots och Scratch lärare åk F-6
Bygg och programmera en satellit åk 7-9 och gymnasiet
Cellen i undervisningen lärare i åk 7-9 och gymnasiet
Det besvärliga värmebegreppet lärare åk 7-9 och gymnasiet
Djupdykning i dammen lärare F-3
Evolution lärare i åk 8-9 och gymnasiet
Kromatografi lärare i gymnasiet
Matematiken i en dator lärare åk 4-9
Mineraler och bergarter lärare åk F-6
Programmera med Scratch lärare åk 4-9
Statistik för biologi- och kemilärare lärare i gymnasiet
Stenen är människans bästa vän lärare åk 4-6
Talpussel - om taluppfattning lärare åk F-3