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Welcome to book your appointment!To attend a training course, be included in any of our projects or visit us with your student group, please contact us. You can learn more about how to use a booking page >> (instructions in English).
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What is a visit like?

A visit with a group of students often lasts about two hours or a full day with the combination of lectures, lunch and laboratory activities. You can come up with a group of about 25-30 students. If you come with a whole class, we usually divide students into groups for the better quality of teaching and learning.
Normally each visit begins with an introduction (including a short guided tour) on the chosen subject. It then follows by exercises usually with one or more experiments or a field trip. We also offer demonstrations, such as hiking in LASER cave as well as a guided tour of AlbaNova University Campus for the participants to experience the academic and research environment.

Teachers's roll during the visit

We would like the students are eager and determined to work actively with science when they come to us. We therefore hope that you, the teacher, makes them ready and motivated for this and keeps track of the group during the visit. This will help us reach our goal together better, i.e. to show students that science is a fascinating from which we can greatly benefit.

University students meeting school students

A visit to Vetenskapens Hus is a meeting with researchers and/or students from KTH and SU. Our researchers or assistants lecture in one of our topics covering biology physics, chemistry, mathematics and technology. Our assistants supervise labs as well as excursions, and they would be happy to answer questions about what it is like as college students and the dream of scientists themselves.
Well-equipped laboratories, proximity to research and the fantastic scenery of Bergianska trädgården (the Bergius Botanic Garden) also means that the activities give visitors something extra beyond what schools typically offer. Activities are open to nationwide schools and students. Read more about all this in Teachers and students >> .

Booking rooms for conferences/meetings

Naturens Hus (House of Nature) offers you a wonderful possibility to have your conference/meeting in a beautiful and green atmosphere by a refreshing lake. Please read more here >> or call them at +46 8 16 70 30 for more information.