The aim of Vetenskapens Hus is to generate interests in science and technology among young people. We hope to interest both teachers and students in elementary and high school by offering them opportunities to take part in interesting experiments and hands-on activities. In the long run this should contribute to recruiting young people to carry on their studies at higher education levels in science and technology.

Present goal
- Vetenskapens Hus to be the leading regional center for collaboration between schools and universities in science and technology, and provide a natural meeting place for representatives from higher education/research and education sectors.

- Vetenskapens Hus to collaborate with enterprises and universities/colleges to give young people an idea of ​​possible careers in the science and technical fields.

- Vetenskapens Hus activities to be a model and an arena for interactions with other regions in Sweden, as well as other regions in Europe that have the same interest.

- In three years, it is expected that our operations reach a level at which all pupils in the City of Stockholm, and other local partners visit us at least once as a part of their school study.

Our values at Vetenskapens Hus
To achieve our visions, we operate with the following key words:

- Inspirational
- Serious
- Personal
- Innovative