About us

Schools meet Universities

House of Science (Vetenskapens Hus) is an educational center initiated in 2001 as a collaboration between KTH (Royal Institute of Technology) and Stockholm University. The main goal has, since its inception, been to increase young peoples´ interest and knowledge in STEM subjects (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) in an exiting environment using relevant themes and age-appropriate hands-on activities. Our target groups are pupils and teachers in primary and upper secondary school. Vetenskapens Hus has about 80 000 visitors per year. We have several modern laboratories in the middle of AlbaNova university center and a little house in the middle of the beautiful Bergius Botanic Garden (Bergianska trädgården) in the north part of Stockholm.

An inspiring environment

Primary and secondary school students come to the House of Science to perform experiments with modern scientific equipment. We also show them research environments, give lectures on current topics and hold discussions on science and technology.

Supervised activities

Upon arrival you will be met by a teacher, researcher or student from KTH or Stockholm University. Their job is to supervise lab activities and make sure that that you and your team have a pleasant and productive time throughout the visit. We have a curriculum for all the programs.

More than one house

Vetenskapens Hus consists of two buildings a few kilometers apart. The building at the AlbaNova University Center comes with many great laboratories, and the other one, called the House of Nature (Naturens Hus), is located in the Bergius Botanic Garden.

How we got started

KTH_SU_eng.jpgVetenskapslaboratoriet (Science Laboratory) at Fysikum (Physics Department) was inaugurated in May 1996 by then the president of Stockholm University, Gustaf Lindencrona. Among witnesses of the event was Jan Nilsson, chairperson of the Knut och Alice Wallenbergs Foundation which supported the project. The laboratory was expanded in the late 90's in collaboration with Stockholm Observatory at Saltsjöbaden, and KTH Biotechnology and Physics. It was also planned that when the AlbaNova campus take shape Vetenskapslaboratoriet would have its own space in a former hospital building on the Roslagstull hill.

Vetenskapens Hus at AlbaNova
The initiative for this new project, Vetenskapens Hus (House of Science) belonged to KTH, Stockholm University and Science City. Vetenskapens Hus was inaugurated on 23 April 2003 by His Majesty the King in the presence of the governor, chiefs and representatives from the Ministry of Education, industries, municipalities and foundations. In 2005 we added the subject of chemistry, and in 2007 mathematics was included in collaboration with Stockholm University.

Naturens Hus joins us
In 2008 Vetenskapens Hus merged with Naturens Hus (House of Nature) which is situated in Bergianska trädgården.

Ownerships in 2011
In 2010 a decision was taken based on a more sustainable strategy for the operation. KTH and Stockholm University went into a more active ownership role. Since January 2011 Vetenskapens Hus has been administrated by KTH's new school, School of Education and Communication in Engineering Science - ECE. Ownership of Vetenskapens Hus is equally shared by KTH and Stockholm University. The City of Stockholm is also involved through a long term partnership.

Vetenskapens Hus is a non-profit organization for educational activities.

Warm welcome to Vetenskapens Hus.