About partnerships

Want to be our partner

Here are probably questions you have in mind: What are the benefits of a partnership? What does it cost? How does it work for non-partners? In short, if you are a municipality, district or individual school with signed cooperation agreements with Vetenskapens Hus you will have access to a certain number of group visits by students and free training courses for teacher. Schools can use the partnership for its marketing. Corporate partners contribute to a showroom which provides our visitors a full day of activities. We will be happy to show up and discuss ways for cooperations. We will also be glad if you'd like to come to us so that we can give you a detailed presentation and discussion. Welcome to join us in 2016!

If you are not partner or this partnership is not what works for you, you are still very welcome. For schools / municipalities which do not have signed partnership agreement with us, we do charge for each group. Please contact us for more information at Tel. +46 8 790 98 22 Mon-Thu, or by e-mail at partner@vetenskapenshus.se.

Your advantages as a partner

As a school or municipality partner you have access to a certain number of group visits, training courses and may use us for marketing. Business partners contribute to our exhibitions, and some experiments to stimulate interests in science.

To learn more about your partnership, feel free to contact chief executive Cecilia Kozma. You can read more about collaborative partnerships >>

School and municipality partners 2016
The City of Stockholm, municipal schools (F-9, gymnasium)
Botkyrka Municipality (municipal secondary schools NV/T)
Danderyds Municipality (förskola, F-9, gymnasium)
Sundbyberg stad (F-9, gymnasium)
Lidingö stad, municipal schools (7-9, gymnasium)
Täby Municipality, municipal schools (F-9, gymnasium)
Upplands Väsby Municipality

Corporate partners
Astra Zeneca
Midroc Automation