Science on Stage London 01

Nu kan Du söka till London 2015!

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Det finns mer info om vad man ska göra om man blir utvald på vår Informationsposter >>.Här hittar du SonS Europas hemsidaaktuell information.

Temat på internationella festivalen

All projects of the Science on Stage festival 2015 represent inquiry-based learning approaches. The projects will be structured in the following guiding themes:
Science and Our Sustainable World
Projects which use science to explore environmental and global issues.
Inclusive Science
Projects which enable the active participation of students from every background.
Innovation in Science Education
Projects which use new technologies and techniques in the classroom.
Creativity in Science Education
Projects which are unusually creative in their approach to science teaching.
Science and its Applications
Projects which build strong links to industry and applied science.
Cooperation between countries
Projects developed by cross-border collaboration.

Kontakta oss för mer information

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Daniel Bengtsson, projektledare.