Two facilties in one cityVetenskapens Hus The main building of Vetenskapens Hus is situated in the former Roslagstull Hospital area, on the hill in neighborhood of lake Brunnsviken in Stockholm. This building is located in one of several buildings that constitute the AlbaNova campus. It is a modern building surrounded by a number of K-listed buildings from the 1890s and the main building AlbaNova from 2001.

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By bus Take bus number 43 or 44 and get off at the final bus stop named Ruddammen. You could also take bus 670 and 73 which nearby (3 minutes walk).
By underground to station Tekniska högskolan, exit at "Körsbärsvägen". Then walk about 8 minutes up Körsbärsvägen road, then walk up the Ruddammsbacken hill until you reach the AlbaNova campus area. You can also hop on bus 43 or 44 at Körsbärsvägen bus stop. Note that you can't buy tickets on Stockholm buses, but if you came from the subway, that ticket can be used for transfers. More info about SL tickets.

Naturens HusNaturens Hus is located in Bergianska Trädgården (the Bergius Botanic Garden) in the North of Stockholm, between Norrtäljevägen and Brunnsviken's Eastern shore (opposite to the Museum of Natural History), about 5 km North of central Stockholm.

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By bus Take bus number 40 to Bergiusvägen, or 540 to Frescati. Both buses operate from underground station Universitetet.
By underground Get off at station Universitetet. From there it takes 10 minutes to walk to us or you can also take a bus.
By Roslagsbanan urban railway Get on at Östra Station towards Näsbypark, vice versa, and get off at the station Universitetet.
By car Take Norrtäljevägen and exit at Naturhistoriska riksmuseet. Parking is available adjacent to the garden down from Norrtäljevägen near the intersection and on the garden side of the railway. Pull-off area for transportation service and taxis is available at Gustafsborgsvägen 4, about 60 meters from the entrance to Edvard Andersons växthus (Edward Anderson's greenhouse). Please follow the signs for buses and taxis.